My Story

In late 2013, I returned home from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  I had just spent the last six months pursuing a dream and now it was time for something completely different.  So, in early 2014, I took the leap and decided to pursue a career as a full time artist.  This is when Nova Luxe Studios was born.

It was when I was a child that my grandmother taught me how to wire wrap jewelry and ornaments and such.  And, over the years, I had put this to use at a variety of small flea markets and crafts shows.  However, upon my return from the USVI, I discovered that I needed a few new display racks, and it seemed natural they be shaped like trees… and this is where the trees began to take root.

Since then, I have all but abandoned the jewelry side of things, instead moving more and more into the world of wire sculpture.   I love finding old objects to stick trees to – frames, mirrors, rocks, even roofing shingles!  You just never know what I might find.

Each tree is it’s own random creation and is completely different from any other I have ever made.  I never know quite where each creation will take me at the start.  I just start and let the wire choose.

Thank you for joining me on this ongoing journey, and if you have any requests or questions, please do not hesitate to email me from this website, or at

Have a great day!!